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About Us

About Us

Forvil Cosmetics came into being in the late 1960s. At that time, the beauty and cosmetics industry was non-existent in Pakistan, and imported products 0were the only option for hair and beauty care. Forvil Cosmetics filled this void with the unique herbal products, Bio Amla Shampoo and Bio Amla Hair Oil, and it wasn’t long before Bio Amla became a household brand, trusted and supported by thousands of satisfied consumers all over the country. Owing to Forvil’s high and consistent standards of quality, its brands were not only compared with their imported counterparts, but in many cases, also preferred over them. In the following years, the ever-increasing trust and loyalty of its customers encouraged Forvil Cosmetics to expand its product portfolio. Adding newer products and categories to its range, Forvil Cosmetics continued to satisfy existing consumers and convert new ones. Today, many decades down the road, Forvil Cosmetics is a cosmetics giant in the Pakistani industry, and also exporting to many countries around the globe. Its premier brand Bio Amla has become a part of mass consciousness, a clear testament to the people’s trust in Forvil.

The secret of Forvil Cosmetics’ persistent success lies in the constant research and development, which means newer and more improved products all the time. With an ever-evolving portfolio, Forvil stands for the ultimate and most thorough solutions in natural beauty care products.

Today, more and more people all over the world are turning to natural, herbal treatment as the only safe and reliable source of the three H’s: health, hygiene and happiness. In this age of ever increasing awareness on the blessings of natural therapy, Forvil is committed to deliver, more than ever!


Forvil Cosmetics possesses the distinction of having the largest distribution network of consumer products in Pakistan, with 250 distributors in 250 towns of the country, covering 100,000 retail outlets.

With Export Office in Lahore, Forvil Cosmetics has Sales Offices in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sukkur and Hyderabad.


Forvil Cosmetics have been exporting to a number of countries namely Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, UK, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, Mauritius,


Forvil Cosmetics has advanced manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. We take pride in our state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology. Our plant is producing more than 32 different products of high end quality.

Despite the computerized quality controls applied by the plant processes, our Quality Assurance Department double checks each product before it reaches the consumer. To maintain a greater check on our processes and systems, we are underway on obtaining an ISO certification.

Under an ongoing expansion plan, the manufacturing capacity is being increased. This expansion is primarily driven by the Company’s objective of moving into key international markets.

Research & Development

Our main asset is our knowledge base and the backup of research initiatives through modern technology.

Forvil Cosmetics’ R&D Department is well-equipped with the most modern research facilities and a number highly qualified scientists from diverse fields through the ceaseless quest of our scientists in frontier areas, Forvil Cosmetics has been able to carve a fine niche for itself in the field of herbal cosmetics.

Human Resource

Our experienced and highly competent human resource is one of our greatest assets. From basic formulations to product development, and manufacturing to marketing, it is our human resource that provides us with that extra edge to always remain the leader.

We take special care of our employees, and we recognize and reward a good performance. There are special training and skill up gradation programs to keep our employees constantly abreast with current business demands.

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